Business performance analysis

Aims of the course

- To acquire knowledge necessary for the comprehensive organisational performance analysis. To connect the acquired knowledge with previous knowledge of basic functional and methodological courses.
- To train students in the field of finding out the problematic areas in business performance as well as in the field of designing and choosing appropriate measures for performance improvement.
- To make the comprehensive analysis of the current state in particular parts of the organisation as well as in the organisation as a whole by using time comparison, business to business comparison and planned to actual comparison.

Course syllabus

1. The definition of business performance analysis: the purpose and methodology of business performance analysis
2. Monitoring and measuring business performance: balance sheet analysis, income statement analysis, performance analysis (liquidity, solvency, profitability)
3. Trends and links to related fields and managerial tools (managerial accounting, controlling, business process reengineering, benchmarking)
4. Workshop: the DuPont system of business performance analysis

Course director(s)

  • Office Hours
  • Thursday at 11:00 in P-336
  • Office Hours
  • Wednesday at 14:00 in RZ-201
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