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International Business


Aims of the course

1. Gain basic knowledge and competences about contemporary international business.
2. Obtain basic knowledge about international business environment and its specifics.
3. Obtain knowledge about modes, techniques and ways of doing international business, entry strategies and relations between mother and unit firms.
4. Develop competences and skills of team work, project preparation and presentation in the field of international business.

Also development of competences of:
1. understanding relationship between theory and practice (guest speakers, cases); critical evaluation of theory and practice alignment
2. usage of domestic and international literature and data sources in international business and its interpretation
3.. reporting: oral and written
4. critical analysis and synthesis and different problem solving approaches in international business
5. team work

Course syllabus

1. International business environment and its analysis.
2. Globalization and internationalization of firms.
3. Economic integrations and regional influences on international business.
4. Triggers and motives of doing international business.
5. Tariffs, trade barriers and trade flows
6. Market entry modes and ways of doing business
7. Risk and financing in international business
8. Culture and international business
9. Negotiations in international business
10. Transportation, logistics and international supply chains
11. Ethics and future challanges in international business
12. Further topics

Course director(s)

  • Office Hours
  • Monday at 9:00 in P-214/2
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