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Health Economics 1


Aims of the course

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Course syllabus

1. Introduction
1.1. Why Health Economics?
1.2. An Overview of the Health Care Sector
1.3. Valuation of Health-Related Quality of Life

2. The Demand Side
2.1. The Demand for Health Care
2.2. Imperfect Information: Supplier-Induced Demand
2.3. The Demand for Health Insurance
2.4. Moral Hazard and Demand-Side Incentives

3. The Supply Side
3.1. The Production of Health
3.2. The Transformation of Health Care to Health
3.3. Costs in Health Care
3.4. Supply-Side Incentives and Cost Sharing
3.5. The Supply of Health Insurance

4. Organisation
4.1. Asymmetric Information and Agency in Health Care
4.2. Non-profit Organisations
4.3. The Organisation of Primary Care Provision: An Introduction
4.4. The Organisation of Hospitals: An Introduction

5. The Health Care Market
5.1. Monopolistic Competition in Health Care
5.2. Payment Schemes in Health Care
5.3. The Organisation of Health Insurance Markets
5.4. The Labour Market in Health Care and Medical Education

6. Efficiency
6.1. Pareto Efficiency Conditions in Health Care - Externalities and Public Goods
6.2. Cost Efficiency
6.3. Cost-Benefit Analysis
6.4. Other Tools of Economic Evaluation in Health Care

7. The Role of Government in Health Care
7.1. Equality, Efficiency and Need
7.2. Regulation and Government Intervention in Health Care
7.3. Comparative Health Care Systems

Course director(s)

  • Office Hours
  • Tuesday at 12:00 in P-304
  • Office Hours
  • Thursday at 10:00 in P-309
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