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Business logistics management


Aims of the course

Deal with different aspects of business logistics - industry aspect, supply chain aspect, logistics aspect, internal aspect, the external aspect of the logistics aspect of the changed business models, business change management and computerization. Present business challenges in the field of business logistics (eg outsourcing (3PL)) and possible ways to address them.

Course syllabus

1. Definition of business logistics and logistics business processes
2. Logistics as the enabler of internationalization
3. Strategic directions and innovative business models in the age of digitalization.
4. Management of business logistics
5. Supply and cooperation in supply chains, strategy ECR - Efficient Consumer Response
6. Financial aspects of business logistics
7. Logistics management in case of outsourcing (3PL, 4PL)
8. Application of Stakeholder Theory in Logistics
9. Metrics of efficient and effective management of logistics systems; indicators of effectiveness and efficiency of business logistics

Course director(s)

  • Office Hours
  • Thursday at 11:00 in R-410
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