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Transnational Management


Aims of the course

- To identify the type of multinational companies according to the Bartlett & Ghoshal typology.
- To analyse organizational structures of multinational companies and their corresponding challenges.
- To analyse headqurter-subsidiary relationships and their corresponding challenges.
- To identify and analyse sources of competitive advantage and business models of multinational companies.
- To identify key managerial challenges in multinational companies.
- To appropriately analyse selected case studies of multinational companies and provide solutions to illustrated problems and issues.
- To identify and solve ethical and sustainability issues of analysed multinational companies.
- To apply analytical tools and theoretical models/frameworks to real-life international managerial situations and propose concrete solutions to aid managerial decision making in multinational companies.

Course syllabus

1. Influence of global trends on international companies and implications for managers.
2. Types of multinational companies: the Bartlett & Ghoshal typology.
3. Competitive advantage and business models for the international environment.
4. Organizational structures & challenges of multinational companies.
5.Headquarter-subsidiary relationships in multinational companies.
6. International HRM and managing cross-cultural differences.
7. Management and leadership of cross-cultural teams.
8. International entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship in multinational companies.
9. Innovation in multinational companies.
10. Ethical and sustainability challenges of transnational managers.

Course director(s)

  • Office Hours
  • Monday at 10:00 in P-214/2
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