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Integrated marketing communications


Aims of the course

- Deepen the knowledge to integrate different forms of marketing communications in IMC.
- Passing on knowledge for efficient and effective management and implementation of IMC.
- Develop ability to formulate strategies, planning, implementation and evaluation of IMC strategies.

Course syllabus

1. Integrated marketing communications (IMC) in Business and Society
2. Analyzing the IMC Environment
2.1. IMC and Consumer Behavior
2.2. IMC Research
3. Strategic IMC planning (advertising, sales promotions, publicity, direct marketing, digital marketing)
4. Creative Strategy Planning
5. Creative Strategy Execution
6. Media Strategy with emphasis on digital media
7. Measuring IMC Effectiveness
8. Ethical and Regulatory Aspects of IMC

Course director(s)

  • LinkedIn: si.linkedin.com/in/vesnazabkar 
  • Twitter: twitter.com/vzabkar 
  • Skype: vesna.zabkar 
  • Office Hours
  • Thursday at 13:00 in P-331
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