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Creativity and Inovation Management


Aims of the course

To acquaint students with the basic principles of
creative process and work. To train students in using creative skills and creative problem solving. To show how to promote creativity in us and our colleagues. To qualify the students for proper managing of creative employees in organizations and to provide appropriate context for optimum results of creativity.

Course syllabus

1 What is creativity
1.1 The aspects and the process of creativity
1.2 Psychological and sociological approaches to creativity
1.3 Creativity at the individual, group, and organizational levels

2 The importance and the results of creativity at work
2.1 Creativity and Innovation
2.2 Creativity and Entrepreneurship
2.3 Creativity in project management
2.4 Response to change in the organization

3 Context and factors of creativity
3.1 Personality and creativity
3.2 Motivation and creativity
3.3 Relational job design
3.4 Climate for creativity
3.5 Leadership and creativity
3.6 Barriers to creativity

Course director(s)

  • W: http://www.mihaskerlavaj.net 
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=854484 
  • Twitter: @SkerlavajMiha 
  • Skype: mihaskerlavaj 
  • Office Hours
  • Tuesday at 15:00 in K-215
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