Internal logistics

Aims of the course

The course builds on the basics of operations and supply chain management. The course presents advanced concepts of material and information flow management in companies, through warehouses, production process and shipment to the distribution network, with the help of which the companies ensure demand for the product or service on the market is satisfied.
To teach students to identify problems related to process management,provide managerial insights and tools to analyze the processes and ensure the process effectiveness. Based on examples of different processes, students will be able to predicting and analyze possible scenarios and outcomes, find solutions, and choose appropriate business decisions to pursue the chosen goals of business and manufacturing strategies.

Course syllabus

The course deals with analysis, planning and management of processes in manufacturing and service companies. First, building on the basic analysis of the dynamics of production systems, where the emphasis is on developing the productivity criteria, analysis of productivity and the impact of uncertainty on managing processes. Later on, the course tackles the challenges related to matching supply and demand, following the traditional hierarchical structure of production planning in business, with the capacity planning of production facilities and manpower planning, managing inventories and scheduling of manufacturing operations (MRP, "push-pull" principle), and learning about approaches to production related to the concept of lean management (waste reduction, JIT, Kanban). Content is strongly related to demand forecasting, basic of inventory management and logistics.

1. Process management and business strategy of the company
2. Analysis of flows through the process and process capabilities
3. Management of variability and uncertainty in processes
4. Review and development of production systems: from batching to lean operations
5. Lean management with the concept of continuous improvement
6. The concept of process planning in the company with the aim of matching demand and supply
7. Push and pull production systems and differences in approach to planning and implementation

Course director(s)

  • Office Hours
  • Monday at 13:00 in RZ-305
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