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Marketing in Sport


Aims of the course

To enable students:
- to understand the basics of contemporary marketing and its influence on decision-making in sport and sport organizations,
- to understand the specifics of marketing in sport (sponsorships, marketing of sport events, sport infrastructure, sport tourism services etc.),
- to use marketing concepts and tools in sport and sport organizations,
- to conceptualize and resolve complex problems related to marketing in sport (in the form of written and oral project).

Course syllabus

1. Introduction to marketing in sport
2. Marketing of products/services in and through sport
3. Sponsorship in sports
4. Internal and external environment of marketing in sport
5. Behavior of sports spectators
6. Marketing strategies in sport: segmenting, targeting, positioning, branding, licensing etc.
7. Marketing mix in sport and its specifics: product/service, price, promotion and distribution
8. Implementation and control of marketing processes in sport
9. Development of a marketing srategy in sport: a practical example

Course director(s)

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