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The Law of Business Organisations and Business Law


Aims of the course

The course acquaints students with the design of the national legal order and the legal order of the European Union, fundamental institutions of corporate law, and basic status of companies and other legal entities. In the context of corporate law, the students learn about the basics of the registry law, workers' participation in management of companies with the basics and fundamentals of intellectual property and insolvency law. The business part of the course is to know the students with the fundamental institutions of property law and contract law is based, upgraded two most common types of contracts, namely sales agreement and work contract. Another objective is to know students basics of securities and the advantages and disadvantages of alternative forms of resolving commercial disputes.

Course syllabus

1. Introduction to the legal system EU
2. Arbitration and alternative dispute resolution (ADR)
3. Company law
3.1. The Company Law Directives
3.2. The General Partnership, Limited Partnership and Silent Partnership
3.3. Close Corporations and Public Corporation
3.4. Group of Companies
3.5. Economic interest grouping; European economic interest grouping
3.6. Bankruptcy and Corporate Insolvency
3.7. Current Trends and future possibilities in Company law of the EU and USA
4. Intellectual Property Rights
4.1. Industrial property
4.2. Patents
4.3. Trade marks and brand names
4.4. Design
4.5. Semiconductor Chip
4.6. Copyright
4.7. Competition Law of EC
5. Introduction to the Law of Obligation
5.1. The Essentials of a Contract
5.2. Rights to Real-estate property rights
5.3. The Essentials of Contracts: Offer and Acceptance, Consideration and the Intention to
create Legal Relations
6. Contracts for the Sale of Goods
6.1. Incoterms 2000
6.2. The remedies of the seller and the buyer
6.3. Rights of the unpaid Seller against the Goods and Actions for breach of the Contract
7. Consumer protection
8. Commercial paper
8.1. Biles of exchange
8.2. Checks
8.4. Bill of Lading
8.5. Warehouse receipts
8.6. Payment and the liabilities of the parties

Course director(s)

  • Office Hours
  • Tuesday at 12:00 in RZ-201
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