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Business Environment


Aims of the course

-Students develop understanding of a holositic nature of business environment and professional responsibility of managers
-Students understand the concept of stakeholders in business environment and their varying interests
-Understand the interplay and co-dependence of businesses, company, and broader institutional environment and individuals in solving developmental question s
-Develop skillset to systematic analysis of business environment as grounds for strategic decision-making

Course syllabus

1.Definition and methodological approach for studying business environment of firms
2.Business ecosystem – instituional environment and market structure
3. Stakeholders and corporate social responsibility. Business ethics.
4. Business ecosystem at a national level – competitiveness and the contemporary role of the government.
5. Macroeconomic environment and financial system.
6. Microeconomic policy for competitiveness
7. Knowledge, innovation and technological environment
8. International business environment
9. Organization of a society, politics and economy
10. Natural environment
11. Internal environment
12. Methodologies and analyses in business environment

Course director(s)

  • Marko Jaklič, PhD, Full Professor

  • Academic Unit for Economics (Regular Member)
  • Academic Unit for International Economics and Business (Associate Member)
  • Academic Unit for Management and Organisation (Associate Member)
  • W: www.ef.uni-lj.si 
  • LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/marko-jaklic-85291025 
  • Twitter: MarkoJaklic 
  • Skype: Marko.Jaklic 
  • Office Hours
  • Thursday at 12:00 in P-342
  • LinkedIn: Mateja Drnovšek 
  • Skype: mateja_drnovsek 
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