Entrepreneurial Networks and Cluster Dynamics

Aims of the course

Develop knowledge of business organization with the focus on business networks and clusters, in conjunction with technological change and growth.
Develop a level of theoretical thinking about innovation and wealth creation.
Develop a level of theoretical thinking on corporate networks and clusters.
On cases of business networks and clusters in Slovenia and in the world to gain an understanding of the importance of specific industrial organization for economic growth and entrepreneurial innovation.
Acquire the ability to initiate business networks and clusters in practice.

Course syllabus

1. Social networks from the perspective of the entrepreneur: 1.1. personal networking for resource acquisition and firm establishment and development; 1.2. inter-organizational networking.
2. Metode analize mrež.
3. Networking of companies in different spatial contexts: 3.1. industrial districts; 3.2. development and growth of clusters; 3.3. networking and clusters of high-tech companies; 3.4. clusters of knowledge and cooperation between universities and industry;
4. Strategic approaches to clustering: 4.1. government policies of the OECD countries; 4.2. EU Member States and others.
5. Utilizing entrepreneurial support ecosystems for growth of companies.
6. Specifics of networking in family businesses.

Course director(s)

  • Office Hours
  • Wednesday at 11:00 in P-328
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