Entrepreneurial methods and competences

Aims of the course

The main objective of the course is to train students in methods and techniques used in start-up, smaller and medium sized companies.

An effective implementation of entrepreneurial methods and competences is possible through individual reflection and understanding of personal strengths.

Students will develop their competences with individual and group work in classroom and in the field. Students will visit start-up companies and meet guest speakers from companies.

Course syllabus

1)Advanced techniques for ideating (brainstorming, analogous inspiration, etc)
2)Etnographic techniques (observing, empathy interviews, understanding extreme users)
3) Prototyping (techniques for analog and digital)
4)Storytelling for influence
5) Lean and agile methods
6) Business model canvas
8)Company visits, guest speaker – innovation and creativity
9) Synthesis and context: methods design thinking, lean, agile, business model canvas in one bucket.

Course director(s)

  • LinkedIn: Mateja Drnovšek 
  • Skype: mateja_drnovsek 
  • Office Hours
  • Tuesday at 11:30 in P-310
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