Comparative analysis of economic and business systems

Aims of the course

- To develop knowledge of economic systems. To thoroughly understand the characteristics of different fundamental economic systems in a market economy, state-controlled economy, and mixed economy.
- To thoroughly understand the terms of market economy and state regulation, market failures and government intervention failures.
- Comparison of the fundamental institutional systems of the USA, EU, Japan, and China.
Comparison of business systems and special aspects within organizations, values, and the way business is conducted in the USA, EU, and Asian economies.
- To develop the skill of applying theory in decision-making in business and economics in a modern world.

Course syllabus

1. Definitiona and classification of economic systems.
2. Determination of economic systems and their changes.
3. Alternative economic systems. Christian and islamic economic system.
4. Market economic system and economic history of market. Theory of capitalist economic system.
5. Capitalism and socialism as economic system in century. Theory of market socialism.
6. Three capitalism in EU ((French economy, Swedish economy, German economy).
7. Economic consequences of the EU. USA and anglo-saxon capitalist system. Comparative analysis.
8. Japan economic system. Asian model (Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea)
9. China economic system and asian miracle.
10. Reform of Russian Economy.
11. Process and economics of transitions. Postcommunist transition. Transition of social market economy (third way)
12. Business systems and different business culture.
13. European business systems. Comparative analysis.
14. Convergence and divergence of economic, political and cultural systems. New wold order.

Course director(s)

  • Office Hours
  • Wednesday at 11:00 in P-302
  • Bogomir Kovač, PhD, Full Professor

  • Academic Unit for Economics (Regular Member)
  • Academic Unit for Entrepreneurship (Associate Member)
  • Academic Unit for International Economics and Business (Associate Member)
  • Office Hours
  • Tuesday at 12:00 in P-302
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