New Product Development

Aims of the course

The aim of this course is to provide an introduction to specific problems that arise when developing new products and services for consumers and businesses.
The course is designed to help students manage and control the process of creating opportunities that can contribute to the growth of a business. The goal is to understand the main components of a change-oriented system for product and service development and management decisions. The cornerstone is a project in which teams study product and service delivery in selected industries and develop an innovative product/service design based on user needs. This course immerses students in the new product/service development process with the aim of learning key tools, techniques and methods.

Course syllabus

1. The new products/services process
2. Consumer insights
3. Research methods for understanding the customers
4. Creativity
5. Brand communication
6. Product/service concept development
7. Business design for new products and services
8. Economic analysis for new products and services
9. Organisation for innovation and management of innovation process
10. New product/service launch
11. Marketing of new products and services

Course director(s)

  • Office Hours
  • Monday at 0:00 in R-406
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