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Marketing on Regional Markets


Aims of the course

- develop marketing knowledge about market/regional diversity (local,regional, global perspective)
- gain competence of understanding and developing market strategies
- gain competence and knowledge of cultural and other diversity of markets and their influence on marketing strategy development (entrance, m.mix etc.)on regional level
- develop competence of team work, presentation
- competence of analyis, synthesis, problem solution
- develop critical thinking

Course syllabus

1. International marketing environment: local, regional, global aspects.
2. International, regional and local marketing research.
3. Marketing mix and development of marketing strategies in regions: specifics of marketing in South-Eastern Europe, EU markets, Asian markets (China, India etc.), American markets.
4. Cultural specifics of marketing and cross cultural management in regional markets.
5. Impact of technology and demographic trends on consumer behavior and markets across different regions
6. Negotiations and negotiations techniques: national and regional views.
7. Challenges of regional marketing and its future development: integrations and coompetition.
8. Course wrap-up and student group project reports.

Course director(s)

  • Office Hours
  • Monday at 9:00 in P-214/2
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