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Tourism Law


Aims of the course

Understanding how the law affects tourist trade is absolutely essential to ensure students entering the profession with effective managing knowledge to deal with the myriad legal implications tourist businesses are subject to. To be successful in a tourist business career, students must have knowledge of the laws most commonly affecting undertakings, and the ability to apply these laws in business situations. The aim of this course is to get students acquainted with the main legal concepts, features, comparative perceptions and to equip them with skills ensuring their correct decisions, while at the same time enabling them to readily identify when an expert advice is required.

Course syllabus

1. Introduction
2. Company law (touristic entities)
3.1. The Company Law Directives
3.2. The General Partnership, Limited Partnership and Silent Partnership
3.3. Close Corporations and Public Corporation
3.4. Group of Companies
3.5. Economic interest grouping; European economic interest grouping
3.6. Bankruptcy and Corporate Insolvency
3.7. Current Trends and future possibilities in touristic company law of the EU and USA
4. Introduction to the Law of Obligation
4.1. The Essentials of a Contract
4.2. Rights to Real-estate property rights
4.3. The Essentials of Contracts: Offer and Acceptance, Consideration and the Intention to create Legal Relations, force mejure, unforeseen contingencies, cancellation, unilateral termination, liabilities, damages, liquidated damages, penalty clauses
5. Contracts for the touristic services
5.1. The remedies of the seller and the buyer
5.2. Rights of the unpaid Seller against the Goods and Actions for breach of the Contract
6. Consumer protection
7.Payment and the liabilities of the parties
8. Case study

Course director(s)

  • Office Hours
  • Wednesday at 11:00 in RZ-202
  • opis (angleški)
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