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Research Methods in Tourism


Aims of the course

To prepare student for individual and group research work in the field of tourism and leisure; both theoretically and practically by (a) raising quantitative literacy of students and (b) introducing modern data media along with the latest methodological, analytical and IT tools.

Course syllabus

1. Introduction
1.1. Purpose of tourism statistics
1.2. Role and scope of tourism statistics
1.3. Relations of tourism statistics with other fields of statistics
1.4. Common features and distinctions

2. Basic concepts and observation units
2.1. Measurement of tourist consumption
2.2. Measurement of tourist supply
2.3. Measurement of resources in tourism

3. Classifications (general and specific)

4. National accounts
4.1. Role
4.2. Relevance for tourism statistics
4.3. Framework for tourism satelite accounts

5. Data collection for tourism statistics
5.1. National data sources
5.2. External data sources

6. Statistical analysis in tourism
6.1. Self -production
6.1.1. Setting objectives
6.1.2. Selecting methods indicators and tools
6.1.3. Errors and interpretation of results
6.1.4. Presentation
6.2. External production
6.2.1. Evaluation of offer and outcome

Course director(s)

  • Office Hours
  • Monday at 16:00 in R-405
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