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Tourism Marketing


Aims of the course

Aims of the subject:
-Get to know the importance and peculiarities of tourism marketing;
- explain the concept of service quality
-understand the process of price fiormation and pricing strategies
-understand the concept of revenue management and implement it in practice
-understand new distribution chanells in tourism
-get to know about new forms of digital promotion in tourism

Course syllabus

1 . Understanding tourism marketing and trends in tourism demand
2. Quality of services in tourism
3. The impact of service quality on performance
4. Marketing mix in tourism
5. Pricing and pricing strategies in tourism
6. Revenue management - understanding the concept
7. Revenue management factors
9. Price forecasting and pricing policies
10. New distribution channels in tourism
11. Digital promotion in tourism

Course director(s)

  • Office Hours
  • Wednesday at 13:00 in RZ-106
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