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Multivariate Analysis


Aims of the course

- Extend and deepen knowledge of statistical methods of multivariate analysis
- To know the statistical software applied usage.
- Develop the ability to use statistical methodologies for the analysis of economic phenomena.

Course syllabus

1. Repetition of the basic concepts of statistical inference
2. Parameter estimation and hypothesis testing
3. Regression analysis
4. Introduction to Multivariate Analysis
5. Fundamentals of data processing
6. Principal components
7. Factor analysis
8. Discriminant analysis
9. Clustering

Course director(s)

  • Marko Pahor, PhD, Full Professor

  • Academic Unit for Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research (Regular Member)
  • Academic Unit for Money and Finance (Associate Member)
  • Office Hours
  • Wednesday at 15:00 in Zoom Room
  • Office Hours
  • Monday at 12:00 in RZ-401
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