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Operations Management


Aims of the course

The course examines business processes within the context of supply chain management by combining both analytical techniques and giving relevant managerial insights.

Course syllabus

Course syllabus

Process View of an Organization, Process Flow Analysis, Managing Variability in Processes, Inventory Management, Coordinated product and supply chain design, Value of information & Supply Chain Coordination.

Individual preparation for the 1st lecture: Case Kristen’s Cookie.

1. lecture
Introduction 1st Part
The Process View of the Organization and Process Analysis
Case discussion: Kristen’s Cookie

2. lecture
Process Flow and Bottleneck Analysis
Case discussion: National Cranberry

3. lecture
Managing Variability
Case: Manzana Insurance
Individual preparation for the 4th lecture: Study Appendix A of the book.

4. lecture
Supply Chain Strategy
Inventory Management: EOQ and Newsvendor

5. lecture
Case discussion: Sport Obermeyer
Inventory Management

6. lecture
Beer distribution game (50% of students, 9:00-11:00; 50% of students, 11:00-13:00)

7. lecture
Case discussion: HP DeskJet
Coordinated product and supply chain design
Risk pooling

8. lecture
Case discussion: Barilla SpA
Value of information & Supply Chain Coordination

Course director(s)

  • Office Hours
  • Wednesday at 15:00 in P-326
  • Office Hours
  • Monday at 13:00 in RZ-305
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