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Internally funded research projects

Below is a list of our current and completed Internally funded research projects.

(current projects)

Project Title Head of Project Duration of Project
How firm's structural IT capabilities, channel integration capabilities, and HRM capabilities influence firm performance in dynamic interorganizational settings Aleš Popovič, Ph.D. 1.8.2017 - 1.8.2019
Industry 4.0: Implementation of new technologies into Slovenian companies and their impact on broader socio-economic development of Slovenia Tjaša Redek, Ph.D. 1.8.2017 - 1.8.2019
Habits, heuristics, and change readiness of intrapreneurs Eva Repovš, MSc 1.8.2017 - 1.8.2019
Humanizing Innovation in Digital Work (HUMINNO) Matej Černe, PhD. 1.10.2018 - 30.9.2020
Pro-environmental behavior of tourists Ljubica Knežević Cvelbar, PhD. 1.10.2018 - 30.9.2020
Comparison of conceptualizations of perceived value and the role of perceived value, risk and trust in consumer brand choices Vesna Žabkar, PhD. 1.10.2018 - 30.9.2020
What 5 Billion Regressions Say About the Effects of Transaction Costs on Firm-Level Innovation? Rok Spruk, PhD. 1.10.2018 - 30.9.2020
Ex post and ex ante efficiency of insolvency proceedings in Slovenia - an empirical study Jaka Cepec, PhD. 1.10.2018 - 30.9.2020

(finished projects)

Project Title Client Head of Project Duration of Project
The impact of cultural differences, innovations and pricing adaptations on export performance of small and medium-sized enterprises Mateja Bodlaj, Ph.D. 1.8.2017 - 1.8.2018
Daily Deals: A data-driven business model in the post-recessionary times Miha Bratec, MSc 1.8.2017 - 1.8.2018
The Impact of the U.S. President on the Financial Markets: The Case of Donald J. Trump Matej Marinč, Ph.D. 1.8.2017 - 1.8.2018
Building a database for empirical research of firm performance and wage inequality and their link to internationalisation,, labour diversity, knowledge mobility and technology Nina Ponikvar, Ph.D. 1.8.2017 - 1.8.2018
Factors Impacting Energy-Efficient Investments in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Janez Dolšak, MSc 1.8.2017 - 1.8.2018

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