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Research and Business Conferences

The FELU regularly organises and hosts business and research conferences and events. For more information about each of the conferences organised click on the links below.

International Events Organised by the FELU

Past events:

Annual conferences & events:

Past notable foreign guests:

  • Bill Clinton (42nd U.S. President)
  • Iveta Radičova (Prime Minister of Slovakia)
  • Fu Ying (Vice Foreign Minister of the People's Republic of China)
  • Paul Krugman (Nobel Prize Winner 2009)
  • Dr. Aswath Damodaran (leading authority in the field of business finance)
  • Dr. Edward de Bono (leading authority in the field of creative thinking)
  • Jan Muehlfeit (President of Microsoft Europe)
  • Jonathan Becker (Division of Ethics and Accountability of the State of Wisconsin Government Accountability Board)
  • Kent H. Hughes (Director of the Woodrow Wilson Center's Program on Science, Technology, America and the Global Economy)
  • Paul A. Laudicina (Chairman and Managing Officer, A.T. Kearney Group)

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