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How to do business with China


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1) Understanding the specifics of Chinese business environment
2) Development of analytical competences: market, PEST, C etc. analysis
3) Gaining knowledge on inward and outward internationalization (entrance strategies and modes to Chinese markets)
4) Understanding the institutional view – global and local institutions and organizations dealing with international business with China
5) Specifics of marketing and consumer behaviour in China
6) Understanding of cultural differences and its cross-cultural management

Team work, competence of analysis and synthesis, problem solution (case studies, project). Written and oral reporting. Competence of finding and using data/sources. Critical thinking.

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The course is designed to enable the students to understand the specifics of business environment of China and its potential. Students develop the knowledge of analytical approaches, such as market, Pest, C and other analysis/methods. The focus of the course is the understanding of diffent levels and approaches of internationalization (inward, outward, cooperative etc.) to Chinese market and Chinese international qrowth. The course also elaborates on entrance strategies and modes of internationalization on MNC/SMEs levels and introduce the institiutional view of Chinese international business development (institutions and organiztions dealing with IB; macro and micro level). The last part of the course is dedicated to marketing issues and specifics of consumer behaviour, focusing also on cultural issues and cross-cultural management.

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