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Strategic Management 1


Cilji predmeta

- To provide students with the knowledge about the process of strategic management and teach them to link the knowledge acquired from different functional courses which enables them to better understand the linkages among different organizational levels and functional fields in a company.
- To teach students how to use and critically evaluate the literature in the field of strategic management, link the acquired knowledge with current practical problems and enable them for further professional and research work in the field of strategic management.
- To help students actually understand the discussed theoretical concepts, methodological tools and practical examples, so that they can better implement them in practice and become, with some additional work experience, experts in the field of strategic management.

Vsebina predmeta

1. Introduction to strategic management
2. Analysis of a company's general and industry environment
3. Analysis of a company's resources, capabilities and knowledge
4. Forecasting in a company
5. Holistic (comprehensive) analysis
6. Mission, vision and strategic objectives
7. Corporate strategies
8. Business strategies
9. Functional strategies
10. Strategy evaluation and choice
11. Strategy implementation
12. Strategic control
13. Organization of strategic management

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