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Transnational Management


Cilji predmeta

1. to enable students with the knowledge of globalization in its implications on firm level
2. to enable students with understanding of cultural differences in international/transnational business
3. gain knowledge about strategy creation and implementation on multinational level
4. understanding of multinational and managerial specifics
5. understanding of organizational issues in multinational firm
6. understanding of slovenian type of multinational


1. understanding relations between theory and practice
2. understanding and using critical thinking in multinational environment
3.how to use domestic and international literature, sources and data bases
4. identification of problems and solution creation, understanding of synthesis and analysis (using cases, critical reflections, critical thinking...)
5. usage of project and team work in multinational environment

Vsebina predmeta

The course explores the managerial challenges and specifics of organizations in the global marketplace and transnational business settings. It explores different types of the generic multinational corporation (MNC) and internationally active organizations, their strategic orientations, organizational structures and management practices. It further relates to different leadership challenges and cultural issues on different environmental levels and in particular explores the concept of transnationality from managerial, social and institutional view points. The purpose of the course is thus:

1.To introduce to students the process and challenges of globalization, with special emphasis on implications for organizations and their managers;
2. To outline different types of the generic MNC in line with the traditional Bartlett and Ghoshal typology of managerial mentalities of internationally active organizations;
3. Explore and outline different strategies and strategic focuses of internationally active organizations in various types of markets ;
4. To outline different organizational structures of internationally active organizations and link them to managerial implications;
5. To address key management and leadership issues connected with internationally active organizations;
To explore best practices of leading international, global, multinational and transnational organizations in the world;
6. To understand the importance of social and cultural contexts connected to internationally active organizations.

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  • POZOR: Aktualna sprememba govorilnih ur
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