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Tourism in the European Union


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The aim of the subject is to introduce:
- meaning of tourism in the EU
- tourism for the viewpoint of EU institutions
- information sources in the field of tourism in the EU
- programs in the field of tourism, which are performed or stimulated by the EU
- policies that are accelerating tourism development in the EU

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1. Introduction
2. The importance of tourism in EU
a. Importance of the tourism for economic development
b. Quantification of EU tourism
c. Profile of the European tourist
3. Decision-making process and functioning of internal market in the EU: implications for European tourism
a. EU internal market with emphasis on free movement of services
b. Decision-making process in the EU
c. Opportunities for European tourism and EU firms operating in tourism industry
4. Institutional framework of Tourism in the EU
a. Tourism within EU structures, competences, and policy
b. EU policy areas related with tourism
c. Relevant stakeholders outside the EC structures
5. Tourism Policy in the EU
a. Pre-Lisbon
b. Preparation and launch of EU tourism policy in 2010
c. Implementation program
6. Examples of actions and initiatives in course
a. Preparatory actions (EDEN, Calypso, … )
b. European Tourism Quality label
c. Low Season initiative
7. Competitiveness of EU tourism
a. Tourism destination competitiveness: conceptual framework
b. Competitiveness tourism destinations within EU
c. Competitiveness of the EU as tourism destination
8. Sustainability of EU tourism
a. Implementation of the sustainability concepts
b. Agenda for sustainable and competitive European tourism
9. Cohesion policy and EU funding in the field of Tourism
a. EU Budget & Cohesion Policy
b. Economic geography & economic development
c. Cohesion Policy & Tourism

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