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Economic Policy


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Understanding the role of government in the economy and in shaping of the business environment.
Make the students profit from the teacher's experience in preparing national policy guidelines and in monitoring Lisbon ( Growth and Jobs) strategy in a working group of the Economic Policy Commitee of The European Union.

Vsebina predmeta

Market failures and reasons for policies to improve economic growth and competitivness
The issues in using of GDP per capita as a goal indicator
A growth accounting exercise
How to choose policy priorities: EU practice
Labour market
Labour market policies by policy areas
Product markets regulation
Product market policies by policy areas
Innovation and knowledge policies
Macroeconomic and other policies

Nosilci predmeta

  • red. prof. dr. Igor Masten

  • Katedra za denar in finance (redni član)
  • Katedra za matematiko, statistiko in operacijske raziskave (pridruženi član)
  • Govorilne ure
  • torek ob 14.30 v RZ-205
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