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Socio-Economic Development and Contemporary SLO


Cilji predmeta

The course informs the student about the socio-economic and political history of Slovenia and shows the basic development tendencies in the economy, society, civilisation, and culture in Slovenian territory to enable the student to better understanding of the present political, economic, and cultural situation of Slovenia in the contemporary Europe. It includes the explanation of historical and current survey of local, state, and regional business activities in practice.

Vsebina predmeta

- A brief survey of Slovenian political history
- The independent Slovenia and the South-Eastern Europe
- The present political system
- The economic structure
- The main problems of the transition
- Privatisation
- The reformed system of social security, health-care, education
- The ethnic situation
- The role of religion
- The harmonization with the European Acquis communautaire and the necessary changes in Slovenia
- The national defence and NATO
- Slovenian emigrants in the world.

Nosilci predmeta

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