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Introduction to Tourism


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- To get to know the scientific definition of tourism.
- To learn about the basic terminology in tourism.
- To learn about the factors of tourism development.
- To learn about the structure and functioning of tourism market.
- To learn about the importance of tourism in the world, the EU and national economies.
- To learn about the basic economic functions of tourism.
- To learn about the basic tourism policy and tourism organization.
- To learn about the tourism in Slovenia.

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1. Introduction
2. Scientific definition of tourism
3. Basic terminology in tourism
4. Factors effecting tourism development
5. Tourism market: demand, supply, prices and elasticity of tourist demand
6. Tourism economy: its structure and development
7. Tourism statistics
8. Tourism development: worldwide, EU and in Slovenia
9. Economic importance of tourism
10. Basic issues of tourism policy and tourism organization structure
11. Case studies

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