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Sustainable Tourism


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- To introduce to students the issue of sustainable development in tourism and the basics of this concept.
- To learn about the basic guidelines for ‘sustainable’ behavior of individual entities of tourism industry: both at national and the enterprise level of operation.
- Present in detail the destination concept and its differences from the product or individual entrepreneurial concept.

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1. Introduction
2. Tourism system and its environment
2.1. Economic environment
2.2. Natural environment
2.3. Cultural environment
2.4. Social environment
3. Environmental elasticity of tourism demand
4. Sustainable tourism
4.1. Concepts
4.2. Instruments
4.3. Sustainable tourism indicators
4.4. Critics
5. Other concepts of environmentally friendlier tourism
5.1. Alternative tourism
5.2. Eco tourism
6. Local inhabitants and sustainable tourism development
7. Case studies

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