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Project Management


Cilji predmeta

Teach and train students for management of less complex projects. Students will
- recognize types of projects and the complexity of the management of these
- become aware about the background of various types of projects, the reasons for the implementation and selection factors
- understand and be trained to implement steps of project management: planning, implementation and control
- learn about tools, methods and techniques of project management
- be familiar with the project closure

Vsebina predmeta

1 INTRODUCTION TO PROJECT MANAGEMENT - project definition (types, characteristics, life cycle), the goal, scope and objectives of the project, project stakeholders and their roles, project management definition and areas, personal characteristics and skills of project managers
2 PROJECT START/INITIATION – initiation process and project charter, strategies and projects
3 PROJECT PLANNING - planning the activities, schedule, costs, human and other resources (using MS project), project risk management, project organization, resource breakdown structure, responsibilities and competence matrix
4 TEAM LEADERSHIP - leadership styles, teamwork, motivation, communication, conflict resolution
5 PROJECT CONTROL - control process and areas, project tracking, time, cost, quality and risk control, project information system support
6 PROJECT CLOSURE – completion of works, documentation, administrative closure and team disbanding

Nosilci predmeta

  • Govorilne ure
  • sreda ob 10.00 v R-305
  • izr. prof. dr. Mojca Marc

  • Katedra za management in organizacijo (redna članica)
  • Katedra za računovodstvo in revizijo (pridružena članica)
  • Govorilne ure
  • torek ob 11.00 v P-336
  • Govorilne ure
  • sreda ob 15.00 v P-334
  • Spoštovani, vljudno vas naprošam, da se na govorilne ure predhodno najavite po elektronski pošti (matej.cerne@ef.uni-lj.si). S prijaznimi pozdravi, Matej Černe
  • POZOR: Aktualna sprememba govorilnih ur
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