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Other Faculty Course 2


Cilji predmeta

- to build a firm theoretical ground for understanding causes, patterns and gains from international trade from the perspective of the traditional as well as modern trade theories
- to develop knowledge which will enable students to understand the intertwinement as well as discrepancies between the theoretical predictions and actual trade flows
- to familiarize students with the theoretical and actual links between trade and growth
- to develop competencies which will enable students to assess the causes and consequences of particular instruments of international trade barriers

Vsebina predmeta

1. International trade: facts and introduction to trade theory. Balance of Payments and money in international trade.
2. Classical theory of international trade
3. Neoclassical theory of international trade
4. New (alternative) trade theories
5. Growth and trade. International factor movements
6. Trade policy

Nosilci predmeta

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  • četrtek ob 15.00 v R-306
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