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Economic analysis of Asian economies


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- Analysis of economic growth of Asian economies in the past, evaluation of current situation, and future potential

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The fast rise of East Asia from poverty and underdevelopment is one of the few critical events of the post-war period. Lessons from East Asia have helped us find answers to critical questions like: how third world countries enter the world economy, what opportunities and threats they face in a competitive world economy; what economic policies are most effective in stimulating economic growth; what alternatives exist to the classic (European) transition away from command socialism (Chinese experience); what is the trade-off between equity and growth; what is the role of the markets and institutional framework in the growth process; what is the role of international institutions etc. The purpose of the course is to analyze the development models of these economies and answer the questions above. Also, a deeper understanding of the past experience will enable us to speculate on future development, the risks and opportunities.

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