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Tourism Economics


Cilji predmeta

- To repeat and upgrade the knowledge on tourism gained in the undergraduate studies.
- To learn about the importance of tourism for the global, national and regional economy, and to learn about the functioning of tourism market and the economic function of tourism.
- To acquaint students with theoretical concepts and their critiques.
- To acquaint with basic theoretical approaches to assessing the economic impacts of tourism.
- To train students to apply theoretical knowledge on practical cases.

Vsebina predmeta

1. Introduction (definitions, tourism development, trends)
2. Tourism economics (subject)
3. Tourism economy
3.1. Tourism demand
3.2. Tourism supply
3.3. Tourism market
4. Tourism consumption
5. Tourism economic impacts
5.1. Impact on balance of payment
5.2. Impact on regional development
5.3. Valorisation impact (impact on natural resources)
5.4. Impact on employment
5.5. Impact on inflation/deflation
5.6. Tourism multiplier
6. Tourism and economic development
7. Case studies

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