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Organization and management


Cilji predmeta

Objectives of the course are to develop and upgrade the knowledge on contemporary concepts of management and organization to be able to:
- Respond to challenges of the global environment and manage diversity and change
- Respond to ethical challenges, corporate social responsibility and sustainable development
- Understand the complexity of decision making process in organization
- Understand contemporary organization theories, organizational structures and processes
- Recognize influences on organization and organization design
- Understand corporate governance in its relationship to management
- Understand forms of inter-organizational alliances

Vsebina predmeta

1. Fundamentals of management
2. Management in a global environment
3. Managing ethics and social responsibility
4. Managerial decision-making
5. Managing change and innovation
6. Managing diversity and multicultural management
7. Theories of organization and types of organization
8. Fundamentals of organization, organizational structures
9. Basic organizational relationships
10. Corporate governance
11. Organizational environment
12. Inter-organizational relationships, networks
13. Characteristics of modern organizations

Nosilci predmeta

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  • ponedeljek ob 12.30 v R-407
  • Govorilne ure
  • četrtek ob 15.00 v P-332
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