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Strategic marketing management


Cilji predmeta

- Underestanding importance and key concepts of strategic management of marketing function
- Acknowledge the process approach to strategic marketing management
- Acknowledge key elements of marketing strategy and marketing plan tools
- Acknowledge key tasks, strategic choices and challenges of marketing manager
- Acknowledge importance and tools for creative strategic thinking in marketing
- Acknowledge novel trends and approaches relevant for marketing strategy development
- Acknowledge key approaches for marketing organization and implementation and measurement of its results
- Acknowledge the relationship of marketing with other business functions in delivering marketing programmes
- Develop competences of integrated marketing project (real practice case) and its presentation

- to use domestic and international literature and other sources
- of team work and reporting (oral, written)
- of problem and solution definition and integral marketing implementation on firm level
- understanding and analysis of complete integral marketing project and its presentation

Vsebina predmeta

1. Market-driven strategy
2. Analyzing Market opportunities and competitive space
3. Researching and Learning about customers and markets
4. Strategic Segmentation
5. Targeting and positioning
6. Customer relationship management
7. Strategic relationships
8. Value innovations and new product development
9. Brand Management
10. Pricing strategy and business models
11. Value-chain strategy and services processes
12. Communication strategy
13. Market-driven organization and planinng
14. Strategy implementation and control

Nosilci predmeta

  • red. prof. dr. Tomaž Kolar

  • Katedra za trženje (namestnik predstojnice katedre)
  • Katedra za management in organizacijo (pridruženi član)
  • Katedra za podjetništvo (pridruženi član)
  • Govorilne ure
  • torek ob 13.30 v P-341
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