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IT Project Management


Cilji predmeta

The course is intended for all students who want to deepen knowledge in the field of IT project management.
In recent time IT project management becomes one of the most interested fields.
- IT projects represent expensive investments for the company.
- IT projects include high level of risk, which may cause money and time losses for the customer.
- Students will be acquainted with IT project management that enable successful management and completion of projects.
- The main objective of this course is to create successful future project managers.

Vsebina predmeta

1 Traditional Project Management
2 Agile project management
2.1 Agile principle
3 Scrum method
3.1 Artifacts
3.2 Team-roles
3.3 Planning
3.4 Sprinting
3.5 Review
3.6 Retrospective
4 Kanban
4.1 Visualize
4.2 WIP Limits
4.3 Management flow
4.4 Make policies explicit
4.5 Implement feedback loops
4.6 Drive improvements based on methods and

Nosilci predmeta

  • Govorilne ure
  • ponedeljek ob 12.30 v R-403
  • Spoštovani študenti, govorilne ure bodo potekale preko aplikacije Zoom po predhodnem dogovoru.
  • POZOR: Aktualna sprememba govorilnih ur
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