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Qualitative Inquiry in Marketing


Cilji predmeta

- To explain the importance and role of qualitative research for marketing decisions
- To present differences, similarities and complementary nature of qualitative and quantitative research in marketing.
- To present and highlight the importance of the principle that the selection of research methods id determined by the nature of the particular research problem and purpose of information use.
– Basic knowledge about the purpose, usefulness and basic methodological and operative characteristics of the most important qualitative methods.
– To inform students about newer approaches and trends in the field of qualitative market research.
– By working on practical examples students will develop basic implementation skill for and experience practical usefulness of some of the key qualitative methods of marketing research.

Vsebina predmeta

1. Importance and purpose of qualitative research methods
2. Comparison of qualitative and quantitative research methods
3. Theories, models and traditions of qualitative research
4. Process of qualitative research
5. Qualitative methods and techniques
5.1. Observation and Ethnography
5.2. Case studies
5.3. Content analysis
5.4. CIT (Critical Incident Technique)
5.5. In-depth interviews
5.6. Visual analysis and projective techniques
5.7. Other qualitative techniques
6. Verification of qualitative research
7. Applicability of qualitative research and ethical considerations

Nosilci predmeta

  • red. prof. dr. Tomaž Kolar

  • Katedra za trženje (namestnik predstojnice katedre)
  • Katedra za management in organizacijo (pridruženi član)
  • Katedra za podjetništvo (pridruženi član)
  • Govorilne ure
  • torek ob 13.30 v P-341
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