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Izjave tujih raziskovalcev

Renata Dombrovski

(Croatia, employed 7.FP project titled: ManETEI): »The Faculty of Economics offers an inspiring learning environment and very friendly working atmosphere where I enjoy conducting my research. I am very proud to work in this leading business school, to cooperate with researchers from different countries and to gain knowledge from top – quality professors.«

Marija Drenkovska

(Macedonia, employed at 7.FP project titled: ManETEI): "If there exists a place that has been ever successful in pooling capable, bright, ambitious, inspiring and truly interesting people in one place, it is FELU. And I feel lucky and privileged to be a small part of its successful story."

David W. Windisch

(Austria, employed at 6. FP projet titled INTACCT): "Plenty of inspirational new insights into my field of research as well as great colleagues and new friends made my stay at the Faculty of Economics a truly memorable experience, highly recommendable to everyone interested in spending some time researching abroad."

Andrea Ariu

(from Italy, employed at 7.FP project, titled: GIST): »FELU is an inspirational environment with a friendly atmosphere that allowed me to boost my research.«

Ujkan Bajra

(from Kosovo, employed at 7.FP project, titled: GIST): »When I first considered perusing my PHD research, I was ambivalent among many doctoral programs in Europe and overseas. However, after I have joined the PhD program at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Ljubljana, it did not take me long to realize that I have made the best choice ever. I was not disappointed at all, since my experience as a researcher, has exceeded my expectations. In fact, I am confident that the academic environment that the Faculty of Economics is keen to provide, will enable me to excel in my research and reach my ultimate academic goal. In addition, the warmth that I am surrounded by among the academic staff and colleagues from different parts of the world, did not only make me at ease while conducting my research, but did also enhance my endeavour, as a future scholar and scientist who expects more and more from the Faculty of Economic in Ljubljana, as a well regarded institution in Europe and the world.«

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