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Eco-School is an international program and is the largest network of children, pupils, students and teachers, which promotes the systematic implementation of environmental and sustainable contents and the implementation of sustainable development principles in educational institutions.

The program is the only one internationally recognized for sustainable school action in accordance with the international criteria of the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).

The Eco-School Program is an ideal way to improve our performance on the environment and society, with awareness that what we are doing and how we are doing today affects our future.

Through this program, the institutions that successfully implement the activities of the Eco-School Program according to the methodology of seven steps and according to their own work plan, acquire the international environmental sign and the prestige of the green flag award.

Our Faculty joined the Eco-School program in 2017 with the aim of increasing awareness of the importance of the sustainable development of the entire School.

Prior the joining the program, Ecoteam has been working at the School since 2009, which encouraged individuals at the School to step-by-step with positive and environmentally friendly changes, initially prioritized in the concern for lower consumption of water, electricity, paper and the environment friendly waste collection.

By adhering to this program, we decided to respect and implement sustainable principles as a whole community. We enriched our study programs with sustainable content and transformed Ecoteam into Eco Comitee.

Members of Eco Comitee are students, professors and professional staff. It meets several times a year, its role is that:

  • it helps to raise awareness of the participation in the Eco-School Program,
  • it has a leading role in carrying out an environmental review of the School,
  • it has a leading role in the implementation of the action plan of the School.
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