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The University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business (SEB LU) assessed by BSIS

The significant contribution to its region was proved by the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and (SEB LU), who recently completed the Business School Impact System (BSIS).

The positive outcomes confirmed the school’s strong position on the market of the Higher Business Education and Management. SEB LU. is considered a key stakeholder with strategic significance within Slovenia and the CEE countries in a number of areas.

Michel Kalika, the BSIS co-Director, said: “We are happy that SEB LU. underwent the BSIS assessment process and thus demonstrated their positive impact in various areas. As far as the educational impact is concerned, SEB LU., as the national leader, is providing up-to-date, top-quality business education to a large number of Slovenian students and, with over 600 international students attracted to the region only last year, it offers a vibrant learning environment.”

SEB LU. has a very extensive impact on the firms and organisations in Slovenia thanks to the availability of its students to work in parallel to their studies and to its active, experiential pedagogy that constantly seeks to link learning and practice.

The experts, Michel Kalika, BSIS co-Director, and Susan Hart, EFMD Quality Services Associate Director, added: “SEB LU. is obviously strongly embedded in the country and is at the heart of the Slovenian networks. It presents a network for its students and alumni, thus plays a significant role within the economic and the political ecosystem of Slovenia. As such, the school contributes substantively to the region’s capacity to attract and support new companies.”

On behalf of the school, Metka Tekavčič, the Dean of the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business, said: “Going through the BSIS process was an experience of broadening horizons for the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business (SEB LU), and expanded our understanding of the impact on different stakeholders. The BSIS experts recognised SEB LU. as a major actor in the field of economics and business education in Slovenia and Central Europe and acknowledged very strong and emotional relationships between the SEB LU. and partner companies and organisations.

The BSIS feedback with recommendations of the experts provides a great opportunity for the school to confirm and identify future actions to improve quality and impact. We appreciate the experts supporting us in communicating the obviously very significant impact of our school more frequently to more stakeholders.”

About the Business School Impact System

The Business School Impact System (BSIS) scheme is designed to determine the extent of a school’s impact upon its local environment – the city or region in which it is located. The BSIS process is offered in a joint venture between EFMD Global Network and FNEGE as a service to EFMD members in any part of the world.

To learn more about BSIS, please visit the BSIS website or contact bsis@efmdglobal.org.

Source: Tereza Valkova

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