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Code of Ethics and Ethics Committee

Code of Ethics

In line with the FELU's mission of creating and disseminating knowledge, the FELU implements a Code of Ethics. It is aimed at guiding the behaviour of the FELU academic community. The Code of Ethics is a moral contract between members of the academic community that promotes integration and cooperation, and strengthens the FELU’s reputation. The FELUs’ Values and Code of Ethics has been promoted since 2012 in all FELUs classrooms, as well as on the FELUs’ websites.

FELU Ethics Committee

In the last two years the Ethics Committee processed two examples of the violation of the Code of Ethics. One trial dealt with the complaint of a student due to the principles of integrity, cooperation, and damaging the FELU reputation against a FELU lecturer. The other dealt with the FELU Dean complaint against a FELU lecturer due to the principle of integrity. The Ethics Committee presented the findings for all involved parts. Final reports are available publicly at the webpage of the Ethics Committee.

  • "When the last tree is cut, the last clean river polluted, and the last fish caught, we will finally realize that we cannot eat money."


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