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The School of Economics and Business is taking care of the healthy lifestyle and well-being of employees within the Health promotion program. The Health promotion program is implemented on three levels:

  1. Balanced Nutrition
  2. Sports activities
  3. Lectures

In the context of health promotion at the workplace, we conducted the following lectures: Organizing meals at the workplace by planning a diet for predominantly sitting work; Self-organization at the workplace (how to increase efficiency, personal energy management). We also conducted a lecture with the workshop Sitting Work and eliminating the negative consequences of a predominantly sitting work. Our professor of sports education has recorded a number of exercises, which helps employees avoiding the pain caused by long term sitting. Exercises are available to all employees on-line. In the lecture Healthy living, we learned several tips for a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet, how important is physical activity and sleep.

In response to the lecture "Organizing meals at the workplace", we added additional two fresh menu of balanced nutrition to the Šumi provider. The food is prepared fresh, on high quality oils and with a lot of vegetables. Provider Greeny offers employees daily fresh salads, soups, healthy snacks and drinks.

In the project "From garden to office", the employees could buy daily fresh food from local suppliers.

Various sports activities take place at the Faculty. Employees can attend Pilates and Active Break weekly. Workout for Women's Health is offered monthly. In the Ježica sports center the employees can play football and join free sauna. All of our employees were invited to a hike to Kriška gora, a dance course with Katarina Venturini and to attend running class twice a week in Mostec.

  • "When the last tree is cut, the last clean river polluted, and the last fish caught, we will finally realize that we cannot eat money."

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