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Mobility plan

In order to improve faculty’s accessibility and promote more sustainable travel choices among its students and employees the SEB LU has adopted its own Travel Plan.

In 2014 the Personal Travel Planning was applied and promoted among the SEB LU students, employees and visitors. It promotes less use of cars and the use of the public transportation, cycling, and walking.

As part of the realization of the mobility plan, the School of Economics and Business also participated in the European project PTP-cycle, in which the Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia in Ljubljana tested the efficiency of personal mobile counseling, which in recent years has become a very effective way of changing travel habits in the UK people.

By the end of 2018 SEB LU will have new mobility plan for the period 2018-2022. It will be prepared on the basis of an analysis and comparison of travel habits of students and employees from 2012 till 2018.

The first findings show that the travel habits of students in the year 2018 are more environmentally friendly than in 2012. We noticed increased use of bicycles and buses and less use of the car. Also, employees of the School of Economics and Business in 2018 are cycling and walking more than in 2011.

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