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Our values

Our values are the principles, standards, and qualities that characterize the way in which we, FELU’s people do our work. Our values are:

  • Integrity: Every member of the academic community must strive to avoid any positions that could give rise to doubts about their integrity, honesty, and trust, and particularly to avoid conflicts of interest.
  • Cooperation: Activities within the academic community also encompass cooperation and mutual respect, regardless of a person’s hierarchy, age, or gender.
  • Responsibility: A responsible attitude toward work is reflected in the full and complete fulfilment of work obligations, as well as in initiative, innovation, and willingness to assume new tasks and introduce changes. It also includes environmental and social responsibility.
  • Knowledge: The task of members of the academic community is to create a constructive atmosphere to promote knowledge of all members of the community. They must strive for excellence in the pedagogical, research, and consultation areas, as well as for excellence in work. The FELU promotes creativity and boldness.
  • Academic freedom: Academic freedom refers to the right of members of the academic community to freedom of expression of their scientific and expert opinions, which is unlimited in terms of space.

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