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Renault Nissan Slovenia d.o.o.

Dunajska 22, 1000 Ljubljana


Predstavitev kariernih priložnosti znotraj podjetja od 11.15 – 12.00. Prijavi se tukaj.

Short description of the company

Renault Nissan Slovenia is a part of Renault group, No1 French brand in the world with more than 180,000 employees in 37 countries propelled by a single driving force: passion. If, like our cars, you are mobile, connected and autonomous, then join Group Renaults new generation. Challenge us, grow with us and make an impact on society.

Job vacancies

  • Student- Junior product manager in Marketing
  • Student- Junior Database analyst

What do we expect from new employees?

From ideal candidate we are expecting traits that show one is mobile, connected and autonomous. What does that mean? Mobile is someone who is always looking forward, always learning, always agile, ready to make the world your playground. Autonomous means being brave enough to act and learn by doing, to share opinions and ideas openly and empowered to contribute to the company’s strategy on a daily basis. In the end connected is someone who is anticipating customer needs, seeks inspiration and information all over and is powered by Collaboration.

What do we offer to new employees?

We offer our employees to make an impact on global scale. Renault has a strong culture that guides our new ambitions and wide range of experts that guide our new talents. Every day in office in opportunity to shine through exciting and meaningful challenges. Be present on international level, learn from the best global leaders. Our sector is full of transformations and ultra-high-tech products so working in Renault is a chance to contribute to society and to offer mobility to millions.

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