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Tina Grilc

Workshop: How to write an impressive CV & cover letter and excel at your job interview


Your CV and cover letter are your first communication with a prospective employer. As the job market has become increasingly competitive, making the right first impression has never been more important. If you improve the quality of your CV and cover letter, you greatly increase your chances of winning an interview. In this workshop, we are going to cover both: how to write an impressive CV a cover letter as well as how to excel at your job interview. There’s going to be a bit of theory and a bit of practice in pairs or groups.

Who is Tina?


High-spirited lecturer, an avid snowboarder and rainbow lover who finds solutions to all your language problems.

She is also the founder of the company S Tino v tujino (Go abroad with Tina) and the creator of the DVD Tujina? Zakaj pa ne?! (Go abroad? Why not?!); the first product in Slovenia, containing key information about working abroad.

Recently, she's spent lots of time mentoring other aspiring entrepreneurs helping them to build a successful business from scratch based on her own experience.

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