Interdisciplinary doctoral programmes coordinated by the University of Ljubljana


By founding the Doctoral School ten years ago the University of Ljubljana as an institution took on the responsibility of carrying out its doctoral studies in accordance with adopted uniform standards for the preparation and implementation of doctoral degree programmes that offer high quality doctoral studies.

Great attention was given to the development of interdisciplinary programmes involving several members of the University. Collaboration among different departments, teachers and researchers secures an appropriate basis for relevant analysis and the solving of complex research challenges we face today. We are proud of the active and successful inter-institutional links found in the doctoral programmes. Cooperation with research institutes outside the University offers students more choices regarding the content of the studies and research, greater choice of mentors and better access to research equipment.


Continuous changes in our environment are now the greatest concern of today’s world politicians and of society in general. The growing environmental pollution has changed social values and human behaviour in such a way that research into environmental hazards and the development of new technologies for protecting the environment are encouraged. The problems of environmental protection are heterogeneous, integrated and interdisciplinary. Problem solving is a result of the combined knowledge arising from natural sciences, social sciences and humanities, technical sciences, medicine, and others. The expectations for successful environmental protection are ensured by the integration of different disciplines, providing the basis for successful problem solving. The need for a contemporary and high quality doctoral programme was thus dictated by the need for new knowledge and technical solutions, which typically emerged in the border areas of various disciplines. Due to the great diversity of environmental problems, designing a new interdisciplinary doctoral programme seemed the most appropriate approach.

Joint information session for the doctoral programme Environmental Protection 15 May 2024, at 17:00, at the Faculty of Law, Poljanski nasip 2, Senate room

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An advanced knowledge of statistics is of significant importance for science in general. Statistics is a significant and fundamental part of research in practically all academic/scientific disciplines. Advanced experts in statistics are sought by various services, from state administration to research departments in various companies. In the past decades, statistics as an independent scientific discipline has made an enormous contribution to science and society in general. It has become a tool that is applicable to diverse fields such as agriculture, biology, business and economics, education, engineering, law, medicine, social science, and others.

Joint information session for all modules of the programme Statistics5 June 2024, at 17:00, at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Jadranska 21, lecture room 3.06 and online via the link.

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