Student Perspectives

Peonare Caka

Peonare Caka, Senior Analyst at Bank of Slovenia, Analysis and Research Department, PhD student at the UL SEB.

"The moment one decides to pursue a PhD, a subsequent, if not complementing, crucial decision is to choose where to undertake such an important endeavour. The Doctoral Programme at SEB has turned out to be a great choice for my journey thus far. The institution provides a rich environment, characterized with excellent experienced professors, a diverse student body and numerous networking and research possibilities with other institutions. The programme encompasses a comprehensive curriculum which builds on students’ skills and knowledge, while simultaneously challenging them and guiding them on their research path. While the effort remains with the student, the professors and relationships forged with colleagues provide not only for a smooth start of the academic journey, but also a perennial source of push to keep going forward."

Katarina Dvorski

Katarina Dvorski, Project Manager at SI-CERT, PhD student at the UL SEB.

"The doctoral programme at SEB has given me the perfect opportunity to combine work outside the academia with an academic career at a renowned institution. An active mentorship programme, financial support and a sound research infrastructure grant the autonomy of my research. Moreover, studying at SEB has awarded me with the opportunity to engage with the international academic community at some of the most prestigious European schools. The continuous mental support, care and interaction that I receive from all levels (including the faculty staff and peer students) are, in my opinion, the major strengths of the doctoral programme. This level of attention, interaction and care not only lets you know that you are valued, but is also critical to your development. I encourage you to join SEB and wish you the very best on this wonderful and important life journey."

Danijela Lazović

Danijela Lazović, Advisor at the Central Bank of Montenegro (Department for Financial Stability, Research and Statistics), PhD student at the UL SEB.

"I chose the PhD programme at the UL SEB because of the multicultural environment and excellent professors who are highly recognised in the field. Although the programme is challenging and requires considerable work and discipline, both the professors and my PhD colleagues motivated me to give my best during my studies. The UL SEB collaborates with several other universities and institutions, and hosts many research seminars and conferences, making it a great place to start a research/academic career."

Antonio Sadarić

Antonio Sadarić, Research Fellow (Academic Unit for Management and Organisation), Master of Economics, Business track PhD student at the UL SEB.

"My UL SEB PhD journey started with my amazement at the level of knowledge and methodological expertise shown by UL SEB professors while cooperating on a consultancy project for a large MNC. I feel the biggest misconception is that PhD studies are only for young local academics, as almost 40% of students are internationally successful senior managers. With lectures from world-renowned authors published in top scientific journals, numerous international collaboration opportunities and a supportive scientific community, you can expect nothing less than an excellent research experience at this triple-crowned business school that is ranked among the top 1% of business schools in the world."

Lucia Lučka Klanšek

Lucia Lučka Klanšek, entrepreneur, investor, consultant, mentor, PhD student at the UL SEB.

"Given my extensive personal and professional experience and an entrepreneurial career spanning over four decades, my decision to enroll into the PhD programme at the School of Economics and Business in Ljubljana has marked the return to my home country and to the first university I have attended. I graduated from the same faculty in 1981 and the acquired degree has helped me on my future personal and professional path. I vividly remember how I started my entrepreneurial career, while still being a student at the faculty. Today, naturally, my research interest lies in the field of female entrepreneurship and I am happy to say that SEB allows me to develop my research project with renowned international academics as well as entrepreneurs and other professionals. Moreover, I have had a privilege to attend some of the world’s leading business schools and I can say that the School of Economics and Business in Ljubljana offers a high-quality education programme we should all be proud of. I would highly recommend it to young people who are only starting their professional journey as well as to seasoned professionals from all walks of life. With that in mind, I also feel how interacting with younger colleagues as well as renowned experts from various professional fields at a triple-crowned institution in my homeland enriches me as a person every day."

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